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Non-Degree Admissions

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program will consider the following applicants for non-degree admission:

  • Practicum/internship field supervisors who are enrolling in courses under the tuition reduction benefit granted by the program/University.
  • Qualified employees of supporting agencies (e.g., Vocational Rehabilitation and Department of Mental Health), who are upgrading their skills under agency sponsorship or recommendation.
  • Persons who are licensed/certified counselors pursuing continuing education credits to maintain their credentials.
  • Master’s program applicants whose academic qualifications fall below the expected level but possess the outstanding qualifications that indicate potential to make a unique contribution to the field. Eligibility will be determined only after the application review process has been completed. Admission under non-degree status will be granted for one semester of full-time (9-12 credit hours) with program coursework approved by the faculty. If the student obtains a B grade or higher in all required courses, he or she will be recommended for degree program admission.

A separate application is available for non-degree applicants.