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Admissions Process

Applications are reviewed during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  Prospective students interested in applying to the program apply through the Graduate School.   All required materials must be received by the Graduate School Office before interviews are scheduled for eligible applicants.

Several criteria are used in determining qualification for admission. Factors include undergraduate grade point average (GPA) and GRE scores, relevant experience, letters of recommendation, and personal attributes ascertained through an interview.

Applicants are ranked according to academic potential and relevant background/experience. Only those with indication of strong academic and career potential are invited for interviews. Faculty rate applicant’ personal qualifications.  Those with the highest combined scores are admitted.  Because the number of students who can be accommodated in the program is limited, admission is on a competitive basis.  Therefore, invitation to the interview session is not an indication of acceptance.  Applicants are notified of the admission review outcome in writing 2-4 weeks following completion of the interviews.