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Employment Opportunities

Rehabilitation counselors serve as team members and leaders in physical restoration, mental health, addictions treatment, and other settings. In South Carolina, the Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation and Mental Health, and the array of addictions treatment programs are among the major employers of rehabilitation counselors. Rehabilitation counselors also serve as consultants to insurance companies, industry, and educational institutions.

Recently, rehabilitation counselors have begun to coordinate and arrange for rehabilitation and transition services for children with disabilities who are in school. Also, geriatric services are now being provided to older persons who are experiencing changing lifestyles and health problems. Increasingly, industrially disabled workers are receiving rehabilitation counseling services through private rehabilitation companies and employers’ in-house disability management and employee assistance programs. Persons who have severe disabilities that limit opportunities for full-time competitive employment may also be assisted through independent living service programs and supported employment arrangements developed and provided by rehabilitation counselors. 

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