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Financial Aid

A number of fellowships and scholarships are available to qualifying students at the University of South Carolina. Other sources of financial aid include graduate assistantships, work-study programs, and loans; each of these is described in detail in the official online USC Graduate Bulletin. Additional information can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office and the Student Employment offices on the Columbia campus. Please visit: and .

The Rehabilitation Counseling faculty can provide guidance for students in need of financial aid. Notices of available assistantships are posted in the Program office and faculty can direct students to other departments and programs that seek out rehabilitation counseling students to fill assistantships that involve counseling and disability-related duties.

Student Loans

All students, including those receiving RSA scholarships, should be mindful of the cost of graduate school education. University and Health Profession fees, practicum student liability insurance, and other expenses can be substantial if you are unprepared, and these expenses may not be covered by scholarships. Also, scholarship funding can sometimes be delayed. The Program strongly recommends that students apply for loans and financial aid as a back-up to RSA scholarships.