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The Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling program at the School of Medicine is a cross-disciplinary program with focused training to enhance the quality of life of disabled and disadvantaged persons. The 48-credit hour Master’s emphasizes practical training in a professional service setting and does not require an academic thesis. The program is accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE).

As part of the University of South Carolina, the program efforts reflect a major concern for the needs of South Carolinians. However, because of the universality of disability and disadvantagement, many of the program activities have regional, national, and international implications.

The dedicated faculty performs a broad spectrum of educational, scholarly, and service activities to enhance the educational and real-life experience of students. Educational efforts are designed to train professionals to engage in multiple activities within an interdisciplinary team framework, including:

  • counseling
  • educational, vocational, and psychosocial assessment
  • case management
  • advocacy
  • community program development

Scholarly activities concentrate on advancing and disseminating knowledge and understanding of disability and disadvantagement-related issues. Service activities are primarily focused on providing support for others involved in delivering services to persons who have physical or mental disabilities, including addictions. Additional service perspectives focus on individuals who are disadvantaged by cultural differences and educational and economic impoverishment throughout the State and beyond.